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Winter Waterfall Ice Hiking Adventure at Ricketts Glen State Park.jpg

Winter Waterfall Ice Hiking at Ricketts Glen State Park
Best Winter Adventure in Pennsylvania

$75 - $89

Hike frozen trails, explore dozens of natural icy waterfalls and discover spectacular ice formations as you hike through spectacular frozen ravines of the majestic Ricketts Glen State Park in Northeast Pennsylvania. 
The Falls Trail that you hike meanders through the Glen's Natural Area, which is a National Natural Monument. The frozen landscape creates glistening ice formations and an       awe-inspiring experience unmatched in both the Endless  & Pocono Mountains Regions.

This trip transports you to a frozen-in-time winter waterfall wonderland. We supply the crampons, ice axe, harness + helmet. The guides set hand-lines to clip you into at certain sections of the trail as we hike on an ice-packed narrow trail system—it is an incredible experience!


 Two updates for the 2022-2023 Full Day Ice Hike Trip. 1) new parking / meeting spot and 2) new route due to a rock ledge collapse. 

  • UPDATE 1: We've outgrown the parking area where we normally meet. As a result, all Full Day Ice Hiking trips will meet at Beach Lot 2 (details provided in the confirmation email), unless otherwise directed.

  • UPDATE 2: There was a significant hazardous rock ledge collapse blocking a section of the trail, requiring us to hike a new route, which is depicted in the below map.

  • It is impossible to hike the Falls Trail clockwise as we normally do and also to hike it as a full loop.

  • Instead, we’ll do a counterclockwise in-and-out “Y” hike.

  • As a result of the new meeting / parking spot and the new route, we’ll provide a shuttle at the beginning and end of the hike.

  • While 3 waterfalls we usually explore are now excluded, we’ll be able to explore 2 great waterfalls not normally part of the hike. So the amount of waterfalls are similar - 16 rather than 17. The big 94’ ft. waterfall, Ganoga Falls, is NOT part of the closure! Also, since we are hiking out the same way as hiking in, you get to see all the waterfalls twice, which is really unique.

  • Total hiking miles is similar, about .5 miles longer.

  • All in all, although a different route, the essence of the trip remains: similar amount of waterfalls (double the amount since you get to see them twice), a little longer hiking distance and similar hiking time.

Winter Waterfall Ice Hiking at Rickett Glen State Park with Valley to Summit.jpg
Winter Ice Hiking at Ricetts Glen State Park.jpg
Half Day
Full Day
Hike Time
Approx. 2.5 - 3 hrs.
Approx. 4 - 5 hrs.
4 Waterfalls, including the 95 ft. waterfall (plus you get to see them again on your hike out)
16 Waterfalls, including the 95 ft. waterfall
Miles (Approximate)
2.4 Miles
5.1 Miles
Trail/Hike Type
Counterclockwise In-and-Out "Y"
Shuttle (new for 2022-2023)
yes - 4 min. shuttle at beginning & end of hike

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