Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing

Learn the basics of outdoor rock climbing at any of the 4 spectacular outdoor climbing locations. The Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing trip is designed for first-time climbers (no indoor or outdoor experience) and for those who would like to transition from indoor gym climbing to climbing on real rock in the great outdoors. The Intro trips are also good for intermediate climbers as the guides set up a multitude of easy, medium, and hard climbs. 





Pricing: $75/climber

Note - 5 climbers required to run the trip. If there are less than 5 climbers, we can run the course with the below pricing schedule. Since we understand that the increase in price can be a barrier, refunds and rescheduling options are available for climbers who do not want to go on the trip with less than 5 climbers.

  • 4 climbers - $95/climber

  • 3 climbers - $120/climber

  • 2 climbers - $175/climber

  • 1 climber - $325/climber

Trip Length: 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (6 1/2 hrs.)

Trip Size: we generally maintain a 1:6 guide-to-client ratio with a maximum number of 12 clients in the open enrollment trips


Each weekend we run the Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing trip at a different location. While the curriculum and format of the trips are the same, you will have a very different experience as the scenery, rock type, rock quality, rock texture, rock height, and climbing routes are unique at each crag. ​

Topics Covered

  • Belay instruction

  • Climbing gear

  • Basic body movement + climbing techniques

  • Tying into the rope using a figure-eight follow-through knot

  • Climber-to-belayer toe-to-toe checks

  • Proper communication

  • Foot Positioning: Smears, Edging

  • Use of Rock Features: Edges, Slopers, Buckets, Pockets

  • Objective and subjective hazards unique to outdoor climbing

  • Climbing ethics and Leave No Trace considerations


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