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Winter Waterfall Ice Hiking at Ricketts Glen State Park
Best Winter Adventure in Pennsylvania

$70 - $85

Hike frozen trails, explore dozens of natural icy waterfalls and discover spectacular ice formations as you hike through the frozen ravines of the majestic Ricketts Glen State Park in Northeast Pennsylvania. 
The Falls Trail that you hike meanders through the Glen's Natural Area, which is a National Natural Monument. The frozen landscape creates glistening ice formations and an       awe-inspiring experience unmatched in both the Endless  & Pocono Mountains Regions.

This trip transports you to a frozen-in-time winter waterfall wonderland. We supply the crampons, ice axe, harness + helmet. The guides set hand-lines to clip you into at certain sections of the trail as we hike on an ice-packed narrow trail system—it is an incredible experience!

General Details

General Meeting Location:
Ricketts Glen State Park
695 State Route 487
Benton, PA 17814

Google Map Link:

Check-In Time: Check-in times are date-specific. Click “Book
Now” to see availability, then click the desired date to see capacity & check-in time

Hike Start Time: Approx. 1 hour from check-in time (we gear up, do intros & have a safety talk)

Group Size: we generally maintain a 1:8 guide-to-client ratio with a maximum number of 16 clients in the open enrollment trips. We need at least 6 participants to run a trip. If less than 6 are booked, we will contact you.

Lunch: BYO

Gear Provided: Crampons, Ice Axe, Harness, Helmet, Foam Insulation Pad, Rope

Required Personal Gear: Click the following hyperlink - Comprehensive List of Required Personal Gear (VTS does not provide personal gear)

Lodging Options: Click the following hyperlink - Places to stay near Ricketts Glen

Winter Ice Hiking at Ricetts Glen State Park.jpg
Half Day
Full Day
Hike End Time
Approx. 3.5 Hours from hike start time
Approx. 6 Hours from hike start time
4 Waterfalls, including the 95 ft. waterfall (plus you get to see them again on your hike out)
17 Waterfalls, including the 95 ft. waterfall
Miles (Approximate)
2.4 Miles
4.5 Miles
Trail Type

Trail + Waterfall Conditions

We monitor the snow and ice conditions of the Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen. We want everyone to have an authentic experience. 

Please note that the waterfalls do not have to freeze for us to run the trip. 

There are a number of factors we consider, such as weather, temperature, amount of snow and ice on the trail system, and the amount and quality of the ice formations on the walls surrounding the trails and waterfalls. 

If there is insufficient ice or if rain is forecasted for the majority of the day, we will cancel the trip. As for snow, we welcome it, but the presence of snow is not required. A big snowstorm, however, could impact our decision due to unreasonable travel conditions.

To see our cancelation policy, click here


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