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This trip is awesome and will put you on the edge of your comfort zone. Our outdoor rappelling adventures are designed for you to have a fun, memorable, heart-pounding experience. The trips are for all people; there is no better icebreaker for beginners than inching to the lip of the ledge and taking those final steps over to begin your rappel.



Pricing: $75/climber

Cancellation Policy: Navigate to the FAQ page or click HERE

Note - 5 climbers required to run the trip. If there are less than 5 climbers, we can run the course with the below pricing schedule. Since we understand that the increase in price can be a barrier, refunds and rescheduling options are available for climbers who do not want to go on the trip with less than 5 climbers.

  • 4 climbers - $100/climber

  • 3 climbers - $150/climber

  • 2 climbers - $200/climber

  • 1 climber -    $300/climber

Trip Length: 4 hrs.

Trip Size: we generally maintain a 1:6 guide-to-client ratio with a maximum number of 12 clients in the open enrollment trips

How Many Rappels: At least 3 rappels, but you can usually rappel 5 times or more.

Dates: Stover - 5/13 & 7/8 | Chickies - 6/11 & 7/22. Contact us if these dates don't work for you.


Both locations provide exceptional rappelling experiences with spectacular views. 


At Stover, we start on top of the cliff, rappel 100ft down and then hike back up to the rappel station. 

At Chickies, we start on the bottom of the cliff, hike up and out onto an exposed ledge using a safety line, rappel 85ft. down and then hike back up to the rappel station.

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