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Instructional Rock Climbing Courses

Our two-day Instructional Courses have set curriculums geared toward the recreational climber who wants to learn the foundational skills and techniques to set up their own climbs without the assistance of a professional instructor. The Instructional Courses program is designed as a progression, starting with anchor building (natural & artificial) and progressing to lead climbing (sport & trad) and single pitch self-rescue. While you do not have to take the courses in progression, there is a list of recommended prior

experience for each course to ensure you get the

most out of your experience.

One day courses are available. Please navigate to the specific course pages for additional details.

Instructional Course Offerings


Rock Climbing Anchors

Learn the necessary skills and techniques for building rock climbing anchors is essential for recreational climbers interested in becoming independent climbers.


Intro to Trad Climbing

Prepare to tie into the sharp end and expand your knowledge of traditional "trad" climbing. This course focuses on the fundamentals of single pitch trad climbing with a heavy emphasis on gear placement and anchor building.


Outdoor Sport Climbing

Learn the fundamentals of sport climbing during this 2-day immersive course as you experience lead climbing up routes clipping into pre-placed bolts, building and cleaning anchors, and retreating back to the ground.


Single Pitch Self Rescue

Gain the knowledge and skills to assist a stuck or injured climber off a  climb is an important hallmark to being a responsible independent outdoor rock climber. 

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