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Rock Climbing Anchors 101/201

Learning the necessary skills and techniques for building rock climbing anchors is essential for recreational climbers interested in becoming independent climbers. You are encouraged to take these anchor courses even if you do not wish to have the responsibility of setting top rope anchors; it is important knowledge to have when out at the crag with a group of friends.

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Quick Details

Pricing: $225/climber; min. of 3 climbers

Note: If there are less than 3 climbers, we can run the course with the below pricing schedule. Since we understand that the increase in price can be a barrier, refunds and rescheduling options are available for climbers who do not want to go on the trip with less than 3 climbers.

  • 2 climbers - $300/climber

  • 1 climber - $475/climber

How to Book: A calendar with public dates are not available. Email or call us with your available dates. We will then match you with other climbers who have similar available dates. We're available weekends and weekdays​ and dates do not have to be consecutive.

Course Length: 2 days | 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (16 hrs.)

  • Day 1 consists of mostly ground school where climbers build and evaluate their own and other participants' anchors. The Instructor delivers and reviews a lot of information.

  • Day 2 is reinforcement day and all about helping you retain and apply by yourself the information, skills, and techniques learned on Day 1. Day 2 begins with a review that transitions into a Question-Answer-Demonstration session. Day 2 progresses into participants' constructing, evaluating, and climbing on their own and other participants' anchors. Day 2 is all about building confidence.

1 Day Course Option: only available for Anchors 101. Must be an experienced outdoor climber, comfortable with exposure on top of cliffs and ledges and be proficient with the knots mentioned in the "Recommended Experience" section for Anchors 101​. $120/climber

Course Size: We generally maintain a 1:6 guide-to-client ratio with a maximum number of 6 clients in the open enrollment trips

Instructor: Instructed by guide Chadd Sechler, who has 30+ years of climbing experience and completed the American Mountain Guide Association Single Pitch Instructor course (scheduled to take the assessment exam).

Special Note: The Rock Climbing Anchors 101 + 201 courses are not certification courses

Anchors 101

This foundational course is designed to provide climbers with the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to construct efficient rock climbing anchors utilizing natural features (trees, boulder, etc.) or artificial bolts.

Recommended Experience

  • Familiarity with the following climbing knots and hitches: figure 8 follow-through, figure 8 on a bight, bowline, double bowline, bowline on a bight, double fisherman, clove hitch, prussic, auto block, klemheist. Please refer to for reference.

  • Prior outdoor rock climbing and rappelling 

  • solid belaying technique

Topics Covered

  • Basic climbing knots & hitches and their applications

  • Assessing potential natural anchors

  • Assessing artificial bolt anchors

  • Techniques for constructing anchors using natural features

  • Techniques for constructing artificial bolt anchors

  • Review of variety of gear used to construct anchors

  • Maintaining climber safety at the cliff edge

  • Climbing ethics and Leave No Trace Principles for climbers

Anchors 201

The 201 course focuses on constructing rock climbing anchors utilizing artificial protection such as stoppers, cams, tri-cams, and hexes.

Participants spend a significant amount of time practicing gear placements, evaluating each other's placements, and building anchors on the ground.

The course is designed for anyone who climbs at or travels to climbing areas devoid of abundant natural features or bolt anchors or for climbers looking to expand their skills into the realm of traditional ("trad") lead climbing.

Recommended Experience

  • VTS Rock Climbing Anchors 101 course or similar experience

  • Same recommendations as for Anchors 101

Topics Covered

  • Review of basic climbing knots + hitches and their applications

  • In-depth review of types and appropriate application of artificial protection

  • assessing the micro and macrostructure of the rock

  • Proper placement of the various types of artificial protections

  • Anchor construction utilizing artificial protection

  • Maintaining climber safety at the cliff's edge

  • Recreational vs. Industrial/Commercial anchors

  • Climbing ethics and Leave No Trace Principles for climbers

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