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Rock Climbing & Rappelling Are Back


We are all geared up and ready for another awesome season!

Rock climbing and rappelling trips begin in April -- Followed shortly by Kayaking starting in May!

The birds are chirping, the weather is warming up and Spring is right around the corner. That means we're getting ready to run the season's first Rock Climbing and Rappelling guided adventures in just two weeks. These are some of our favorite trips and are a great way to escape your house during COVID.

Our rock climbing program in Pennsylvania offers an experience for everyone – from the first-time climber who wants to climb on real rock to the more seasoned climber looking to advance and refine their climbing skills.

Our outdoor rappelling adventures are designed for you to have a fun, memorable, heart-pounding experience. The trips are for all people; there is no better icebreaker for beginners than inching to the lip of the ledge and taking those final steps over to begin your rappel.


2020 Rock Climbing and Rappelling Highlights


Important trip details...

Rock Climbing:

We offer 2 main categories of rock climbing experiences:

We operate the rock climbing program at 4 crags in Pennsylvania spanning the state from Central to Eastern PA:

  1. Ralph Stover (Bucks County)

  2. Birdsboro (Berks County)

  3. Chickies Rock (Lancaster County)

  4. Mocanaqua / The Library (Luzerne County)



Main Locations:

  1. Ralph Stover (Bucks County)

  2. Chickies Rock (Lancaster County)

At Stover, we start on top of the cliff, rappel 100ft down and then hike back up to the rappel station. ​

At Chickies, we start on the bottom of the cliff, hike up and out onto an exposed ledge using a safety line, rappel 85ft. down and then hike back up to the rappel station.


Journey Onward & Keep on Adventuring,

-VTS Team

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